Saturday, 7 March 2015

Fabulous Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Fashion used to give a lot of rules for the clothing and hairstyle options for women by age group in regards to length and style. Women of all ages today have the option of wearing their hair at any length they should choose but there is a lot to be said for suitable shorter styles.

Shorter styles can be either lower or higher maintenance depending on the style chosen, but each of the following are sure to be winners with women in their 50s. With characteristics that present a youthful elegance and just a little funk, one of these hairstyles may be your next favorite. While there are no rules in regards to what hairstyles are worn today, it is important to take into consideration your hair’s texture and your face shape before heading to the salon. One thing important is to use leave in conditioner for shiny and manageable hair.


The Long Bob
This style works for any face shape and hair of all textures. If your hair is curly you may wish to straighten it to get the best effects but a curly long bob can work as well. This style can include long loose layers or more angular or smooth, curved lines to take the weight off of heavier hair or give volume to those with finer hair. It is a great style to frame the face and your face shape can have a lot to do with how long, short, or angular this style is cut. It is generally quite low maintenance unless you have curly hair and want to wear it straight.

Pixie Cut
A pixie cut can vary a little in length depending on preference and is best for women with oval, heart-shaped, or square face shapes and women with heart-shaped faces can pull off a quite short version of this style. This haircut requires almost no daily maintenance as it is simply wash, put a bit of product in and mess it up, and go. It does, however, require regular trimming to keep its shape so if your hair grows really fast this may involve trips to the salon more frequent than you are willing to commit to.

Choppy Cut
This hairstyle is great for anyone who wants to have a fun and flirty look. With plenty of layers to mess around with, this style can help to frame the face and give a whispy look. It is fairly low maintenance as it is a messy look so it doesn’t take much time to get out the door in the morning. This style is similar to a bob in that the overall length of the hair is determined by the shape of your face and a good hairstylist is knowledgeable on which length will look best for your facial characteristics. As with most shorter hairstyles, this will require almost no daily maintenance but will require trims fairly often to maintain the shape.

Layered Razor Cut
This cut is fun, fresh, and perky and can be worn by most face shapes. Like the choppy and long bob cuts, this option is cut differently depending on the shape of your face. This hairstyle is great to remove weight and add volume of heavy,  thick hair, but also can add volume to lighter thinner hair depending on how the layers are cut. Layers can be more angular or softer depending on the face shape but the look is always pretty easy to maintain. This style requires a few less trims than the choppy or pixie styles as it tends to be a little longer. You will have to return to the salon on a regular basis though so the cut doesn’t lose its shape. This hairstyle is also great for people with some body or curl to their hair or can be straightened as well.