Sunday, 26 October 2014

Introducing Trendhunter as a new wave of online marketing

Trend hunter, what a nice creative idea! Since there are billions of pieces of information and services online, it has become a necessity to trend the most important buzz feeds that get much more attention and popularity. This is a nice way of marketing. When you hunt important things on the right time, you can achieve your marketing goals. Trending is more like curating; a meticulous selection of topics, services etc… that are trending in Google search engine.

Trend hunting can be about everything; fashion, technology, culture, design, business, health and life in general. The example of is on top in the list of trending websites. It is the number one in trends that does a great job by featuring the most creative and innovative ideas, breaking news and viral events in the world. Hence, millions of visitors are informed and in the know of what is taking place.

One of the best aspects of trending is to drive online traffic to certain topics or services. Controlling the huge traffic of views and clicks had to be innovative and creative. Now, experts in web cheap marketing and digital economy agree that active users of the net have outperformed the number of people who watch TVs. People are more and more in close relation with their smart phones and laptops with Internet connection. Web based virtual tools in addition to smartphone applications are now used for the different goals of marketing.

The other important aspect of trending is crowdsourcing that is tremendously based on large audiences and communities online. Simply put, crowdsourcing is to benefit from these audiences and communities by implementing their views and interactions to come up with thousands of ideas and insights. This way you can drive huge traffic again to the source of the information and market more. Sometimes these techniques are based on very sophisticated and intelligent programs that can automatically bring what is trending in other platforms constantly.

E-marketing changes and develops every day. The marketing place has shifted to the online virtual platforms and websites specialized in crowdsourcing and trending. It is the 21st century tendency; that is, people have become more aware of the great importance the spread of buzz news and information could have on their popularity and the increase of their revenues online.

Now, all worldwide popular platforms like Facebook and YouTube and Twitter are sources of trending political, cultural, sport and celebrities events and news. Still, the virtual may seem chaotic and that is why it is very important to think of strategic ways to get just the right thing in the right moment for the right target online audience.